Covid-19 Update 25th June 2021

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

By now everyone will know that the CBD of Sydney is in full lockdown until Friday 9th July, 2021 and city workers are under 'stay at home orders'. If you have missed the news you can catch up here with updated information provided at this link.

What does this mean if you need dental treatment?

  • All non-essential dental work has been cancelled. This means that check-ups, cleans and fillings will be deferred until the Department of Health gives us the 'all clear' to fully open the surgery again.

  • Essential/urgent dental care is available. I can see you or your family for treatment of a painful or broken tooth. You can also attend for treatment that could cause further problems if delayed. The full range of dental treatment is possible for emergencies.

  • Essential/urgent dental treatment is not possible if you have been identified as a close contact, visited one of the venues of concern or have a fever, cough or other symptoms of a respiratory infection.

I will only attend the surgery by appointment. If you require essential/urgent care, please call me on 0418 460 520 to make a time.

Take care everyone.

Be safe and well,


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