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Dr Rachel Mascord


Dr Rachel Mascord graduated from the University of Sydney, receiving her dental degree in 1991.

She offers her unique style of holistic, caring dental service in Sydney.

Rachel was awarded first class honours and the University Medal on the completion of her degree. This achievement reflects both her deep understanding of the science of dentistry and her ability to apply it with gentle precision to the care of people’s mouths and their whole bodies.

In the twenty seven years since completing her degree, Rachel has honed her skill and developed a rich pool of experience from which she draws in her provision of dental services. 

"Every person is a complete, unique and whole being. This is the essence of my approach to dentistry.
The health needs of our mouth cannot be separated from
the health needs of our whole body."

Rachel loves her work, skilfully applying modern dentistry with high quality products, in a relaxing and nurturing environment.

"I know that the mouth is the gateway to the whole body, and the health of our mouth impacts profoundly on our total health.
The dentistry I offer treats you, not just as a set of teeth to be fixed, but as a whole person to be cared for.”