Baby teeth

Some facts you need to know about those beautiful little teeth, 

before the tooth fairy comes to collect them . . .

  • Treat baby teeth just like permanent ones. They need to be cared for, cleaned and checked by the dentist. 

  • If baby teeth get decay it sets the child up for decay in their adult teeth.

  • Gaps are good. As your child grows, gaps should start to open between the baby teeth. Those spaces mean there is room being made for the adult teeth.

  • Baby teeth are whiter than adult teeth. Do not be disappointed with the adult teeth when they are not as white. If you are, you will influence your child to feel the same.

  • Let your child wobble their loose baby teeth. Encourage them!

  • Encourage your child to eat crunchy raw carrots and celery. They are healthy snacks as well as helping those loose teeth get looser.

  • Always get your child checked if they have pain or discomfort with any baby tooth.

  • Check with your dentist if the adult teeth appear before the baby teeth have gone.

  • An incorrect bite pattern with the baby teeth, is very likely to flow through to the adult teeth. 

  • Encourage your children to love their baby teeth, brush them and treat them like gold. Baby teeth are the perfect practice set for when the adult ones appear.

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