Hot tips on how to care for your teeth

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

. . . or the real low down on DIY dentistry . . .

Here they are . . . the genuine red hot tips on DIY dentistry, right from the expert's fingertips . . .

  • Clean between your teeth, every night. No exceptions.

  • Brush your teeth thoroughly and gently everyday for 4 minutes. Yes. Four minutes.

  • Do all you can to reduce your sugar intake. Take it as slowly as you need, but keep the intent and purpose of reducing sugar always clear in your mind.

  • Drink water every day.

  • Quit smoking.

  • Quit vaping.

  • Quit drinking alcohol.

  • Quit recreational drug use.

  • Get the sleep you need and do all you can to go to sleep earlier in the night - 9pm is the bedtime that maximises the healing potential of sleep.

  • Do all you practically can to support yourself in the intensity of modern life and reduce anxiety.

  • Take yourself to the dentist for regular visits to make sure all of these steps are working for you. The best DIY always involves thorough checks from the experts.

This is not very sexy or gimmicky list - unless you find self-care sexy (I do, but that is another story).

It does not promise quick fixes. Nor does it come with a money back guarantee.

That is because it costs you nothing.

But boy does it deliver everything if you apply yourself to it with genuine care and absolute dedication to your own complete wellbeing.

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