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Updated: Aug 26, 2019

I don’t know many people who really enjoy filling out paperwork. However, as we all know, paperwork is an inescapable part of life, and a visit to the dentist is no different.

At your first dental visit, you will be asked to fill out a history form that provides your contact details, health fund and Medicare details, and your comprehensive medical history. 

Important facts about this form:

  • Every question about your medical health is relevant to your dental health and potential dental treatment,

  • The information on the form allows us to provide you with safe and appropriate dental care, and assists us to assess your risk for developing dental disease,

  • It also provides us with the opportunity to discuss medical and dental problems that may need more detailed assessment by your GP.

  • The information on this form is treated as highly confidential and handled in accordance with the Privacy Policy of this dental practice.

  • You can download and print the form . Fill it out it before your dental visit to make the most of time with Rachel.

You may believe that the medication you are taking or the health condition you have is not relevant to the dentist. This is not the case. Even very common medications for heart disease and osteoporosis or over-the-counter medications can impact ​on the health of your mouth and potentially interact with the dental treatment you receive.


​The form covers two pages, so it takes some time to fill out. ​We appreciate your care in completing it as accurately as possible.


What if you have delicate or highly confidential issues that you do not want to write on the form? Simply let Dr Rachel know that you would like to have a private discussion with her before the commencement of your appointment. She will ensure you have private time with no dental staff in the room.

Update forms Every year we will ask you to fill out an update form. This is another very important form because:

  • It allows us to update your contact details and health insurance details,

  • It keeps us up to date with changes in your health, for example, changes in medications, recent surgeries or new diagnoses.

  • You can download and print the form here. Fill it out it before your dental visit to make the most of time with Rachel.

We do know that paperwork is no fun, but this paperwork makes all the difference to the quality of overall care you receive at our clinic, and allows to make a difference to the health of your whole body. 

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